The latest celebrity to join the Facebook is Indian cricketing icon Sachin Tendulkar just launched his personal Facebook Page! with in a few hours gets more than 3 lakh likes. Over two years after making his debut on Social Networking site Twitter, Now cricket God Sachin Tendulkar is taking strike on Facebook Reaching 6.89 lakhs like. 

 " This is the Official Sachin Tendulkar Facebook Page managed by Seven3Rockers. "

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar joined social networking site Facebook, on Sunday.

The Fan page of Indian Cricket Team : Welcomes the Sachian Tendulkar on Facebook On Sunday.

With in a few hours Official Sachin Tendulkar page Received Great Response from The fans and Gets tons of likes.

Sachin confirms his Joining to facebook by placing video message on his fan page.

Tendulkar Also Tweeted on Twitter account to announce his venture in Facebook as, “Dear friends, I welcome you to my Facebook page”.

About Informing his decision of facebook Page, Sachin Said that "there were many unoffical facebook pages who are using/carrying my Name without any Interaction with me. So i Decided i would set my own facebook page to share my experiences with fans".

Basic Info : some Special moments of History Shared


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